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Our Story

The story revolves around the struggle and success of the family of Babu Lal Ji Jirawala. At the mere age of 13, this person decided to explore the world around and make a name for himself in the world. He decided to do something big which persuaded him to choose the trail that is nowhere near to his family. The quest began in Karnataka and after 4 years of bone-breaking struggle and several failures. Babu Lal Ji finally discovered that Timber is the one that can make his business aspirations rise from the ashes. That’s when Ramdev Timber Depot took its first breath. Thanks to the blessings of the almighty and the love and support of his wife.

The business that budded from a single speck now became a life-size showroom that sprawled over 40,000 sqfts which was counted among Karnataka’s biggest businesses. The next step of his quest was in the name of Monica Mills which was just the beginning. The business genes were in the family which were clearly reflected in his sons Naresh and Suresh Jirawala. Just at the age of 20 years Naresh started his own venture in the name of Ramdev Marbles. The name further extended to names like Ramdev Steels and Ramdev Granites. As a true Marwari the family traced their roots and to do something for their land, Mr. Naresh Jirawala came back to Rajasthan.

Pitying the scarcity of water in the place, Naresh Ji took the density of building high density water tanks in Jodhpur. After a lot of research and years of patience, he finally established Prins Polytech Pvt Limited as an approved business in Jodhpur. The thought behind the business was to craft something innovative out of the scratch using latest machines.

With the blessings of their people and with international support, finally the first model of Prins Tanks came in the year 2014 that took the market by storm. Water is one of the three basic requirements to live and Jodhpur values water more than anything. Among the arid desert there lies lush greenery and benevolent hearts who know that along with water, the storage and the path traversed is equally important.

Prins Pipes brought to you an undeniably reliable source for storage and supply of water. The tanks that we manufacture are engineered strongly to keep the water inside without any leakage. Talking about the temperature control regulations our tanks and pipes are UV resistant so sunlight won’t mess with the temperature. Prins Polytech isn’t just an initiative, it’s a dream. Now the brand has spread to places like that of UP, Gujrat, Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka and more dealers are eager to take the brand to new places. Surf through video and see how a small step can even make a huge difference.

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