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Domestic Tanks

Prins Domestic tanks pioneered the revolution in India by successfully being the best ever company to manufacture multi-layered storage tanks. We at Prins are known for our bold steps in the field of manufacturing multi layered, ventilation screw on the lid, multi layered tanks that are sturdy enough to render their service for a lifetime. Our tanks have a seamless finish and are UV resistant. Domestic tanks are a basic need and in order to pick the best among the rest, here is some information for you!

Why do we use it?

Domestic tanks are a well-known name in any home or small scale company that needs abundant supply of water. They are one of the cheapest and most reliable sources of water that most households rely on. Domestic tanks are used for a multitude of reasons. Some of these are listed below:

  • To carry out the day to day household activities including drinking and other purposes.
  • For the purpose of irrigation and agriculture in crop fields, huge lawns and gardens.
  • For fire suppression
  • For the cause of food preparing and other activities in businesses like resorts and in hospitals.
  • For chemical manufacturing.

Our plastic tanks are better than steel ones because they weigh less, they are easy to position and they come in a wider variety. Besides that, the plastic tanks are better for drinking water because of no galvanization, they won’t’ rust and they better blend with the landscape along with being strong and durable.

What are the reasons to go for us?

Now that is one question that any intellectual would ask! If you want to dig a bit deeper and find out what makes us better than the rest, then here are the reasons:

  • Cost-effective measures
  • Reliable services
  • UV protected material

Reach us and see how we can help you in your journey of finding the right product.

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