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Who We Are

We are Prins Polytech Pvt. Ltd. founded in the year 2013 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Our historic roots go back to 1983 with the parent group Ramdev established in Karnataka under the leadership of Sri Babulal Jirawala. Believing in the hard work he moved to Karnataka from Jodhpur and fighting all the odds by himself he built a healthy business in trading timber. Today, he owns a 40000 sq. ft. showroom named as Timber Depot. The Ramdev Group had Monika Mills and several other renowned brands under their flagship. And Prins Polytech is an independent enterprise founded by Naresh Jirawala, elder son of Shri Babulal Jirawala. Prins Polytech is basically into manufacturing high-grade water tanks in different variations. Innovation That is Assigned To Deliver The Best.

In Jodhpur, we understand the value of water and its significance. Necessity is the fountainhead of creativity. This thought inspired Mr. Naresh Jirawala and influenced him to begin this business plan from his native place. The success story of Prins Polytech Pvt. Ltd. is inscribed beautifully under the joint directorship of Mrs. Vibha Jirawala and Mr. Naresh Jirawala. Underneath their enthusiastic supervision and administration, the company has obtained huge success in its first five years of trade.

Within the five years of establishment, the company has witnessed a steady network of more than 500 dealers across the country with an efficient team of 50 employees. The firm runs on well-equipped programmed machinery and successfully manufactures 500 tanks every day.

Being accredited as an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, Prins Polytech holds contentment in guaranteeing the beloved people of Jodhpur that the water tanks are made with high-quality products under the supervision of the proficient team. These water tanks are made with HDPE 100% virgin raw material and food-grade material, keeping them UV protective and super tough to provide clean water in every condition. Prins Polytech is transporting its water tanks in the states of Karnataka, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat.

Recently, Mr. Vivek Oberoi joined hands with the company as the brand representative. This collaboration is the positive outcome of Mr. Oberoi's beliefs and trust in Prins Polytech.

Core Values

Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks.


Our dedicated fraternity firmly believe in integrity. We try to be consistent and act with honesty and follow the principle of reality. What else can be expected from a company?


We put quality before everything. We manufacture best-in-class products that contribute to control satisfaction and of course our long term revenue.

Customer Service

We take pride in our customer-oriented services and we will forever deploy our team to hear and respond to our customer interest in any possible circumstances.


Our team make us what we are. The close-knit relationships between our employees help us to align with the business objectives and achieve our goals.


Just like the prices and the built, the products are equally well-engineered to meet the FDA standards so safety will never be a concern.


Bridging the gap between the unachievable and the possibility, we walk in hand in hand with strategy and versatility.


Precision and accuracy are the keys to success and we are experts in balancing hard work with customer expectations.


The path that we traverse every day to provide each of our customer valuable product includes devotion towards our work and sheer passion.